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We’re Always Looking for a Few Good Volunteers

Want to join our growing team of volunteers? Time commitment is up to you! 


Our only requirements:

  • You are passionate about animals and/or the environment.
  • You are a team player.
  • You have a couple hours a month to give.


Volunteer roles we are currently looking for:

  • Communications: Help us with outreach to our volunteers and followers.
  • Social Media: Help with Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram posting, reach, engagement. 
  • Letter writers: Voice your opinion and write letters to the editors of Illinois newspapers.
  • Writer/Blogger: Help contribute to our blog and others. 
  • Fundraising & Event Coordinators: Join our team of fundraisers to identify new fundraising opportunities
  • Researchers: Help us find humane farmers, stores and restaurants.
  • Marketers: Join our marketing team to spread awareness of our mission and mobile app.
  • Activists: Support our efforts to advocate for change.

Help us by becoming a Pig Protector! Receive weekly emails with quick actions such as emailing, calling, and posting on social media.


Thanks for your interest in Crate Free USA. Please complete this volunteer form and you’ll hear from us soon.

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Dark Gestation Crate


 It’s time for Aldi to stop supporting one of the cruelest practices in animal agriculture: confining mother pigs in tiny “gestation crates” for virtually their entire lives.


Thank you!