The Hidden Cost of Aldi Pork

It’s time for Aldi to stop supporting one of the cruelest practices in animal agriculture: confining mother pigs in tiny “gestation crates” for virtually their entire lives.



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Aldi’s Pig Problem

The problem

Aldi asks too high a price for its pork: Allowing its suppliers to trap pregnant pigs in metal gestation crates so small that pigs can’t even turn around—virtually immobilizing them for four months, without any relief. To give birth, they are transferred to different crates, then returned to gestation crates and re-impregnated. This cycle repeats for years.

The Solution

Aldi must take one clear step toward better animal welfare: committing to phase out gestation crates from its supply chain, on a published timeframe. We’re not even asking Aldi for fresh air or sunlight, just minimal decency: that animals can walk around, stretch their legs, and socialize with others.

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Pigs are active, curious, playful animals, as intelligent as dogs. In gestation crates, pigs cannot walk more than two steps forward or back. Without any mental stimulation, enrichment, or social interaction, they experience profound suffering and trauma. Physical problems are also common, like shoulder injuries, urinary tract infections, even bone damage.

Canada, the E.U., and 10 U.S. states have outlawed gestation crates. Most leading U.S. grocers have committed to a timeline to phase out gestation crates. Aldi admits that good welfare requires that animals be “able to express innate behavior.”

It’s time for Aldi to commit to phasing out gestation crates.

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There is something seriously wrong with a food system where the best day of an animal’s life is the day it’s over. Animals shouldn’t have to suffer everyday to feed us, and it’s on us to push retailers to end inhumane and outdated extreme confinement practices in their supply chains.  As a consumer, use your voice to ask Aldi to do the right thing for the animals they profit from.

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It’s time for Aldi to do the right thing. 


It's time for Aldi to do the right thing. 


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