History of Animal Exploitation

History of Animal Exploitation

Throughout history our livelihood has been interwoven with animals. People have harnessed animal muscle power and used animals’ bodies for fuel, skins, food, and countless products allowing people to thrive. Linda Kalof’s shares some fascinating, but also...
Foie Gras: A Cruel and Unnecessary Delicacy

Foie Gras: A Cruel and Unnecessary Delicacy

I am one of the guilty ones. I’ve eaten and enjoyed foie gras a good portion of my life. My guilt is somewhat assuaged by the innocence of youth. Being raised by a French mother and having spent four years of my childhood in France, this was a part of my heritage....
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We are now Crate Free USA!


We have some news to share that we are pretty excited about…

We have changed our name to Crate Free USA!

But our mission remains the same: to reduce the suffering

of animals on factory farms.


We are still based in Illinois and will continue our grassroots efforts to support local farmers who pasture raise and treat their animals and the environment with respect. And, we’ll be as vocal as ever about the growth of factory farms in Illinois and beyond and all of the negative impacts on animals, the environment, and rural communities.


That said, we have also been working on national campaigns for a few years now — starting with our success in 2018 in getting Trader Joe’s to commit to a largely crate-free pork supply chain.  And now we are deeply engaged in two other campaigns, both national in scope, to get Aldi and Costco to take a strong stand for pig welfare and commit to a public timeline to go 100% crate-free.  


Our new name more clearly reflects the scope of our work and we are excited to continue our work on behalf of farmed animals across America. We hope you will continue to support us in this important work. Onwards!

Thank you!